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Code as art. Pak, a pseudonymous artist (or artist collective), has been in the forefront of digital art and crypto media.On a global scale. Pak is pushing boundaries and using the infinite canvas of the blockchain and internet to create global scale art that moves minds and bodies. Pak is something to experience and engage with.


The Merge has become the single-largest sale by a living artist, a record that remains unbroken because it has set a high benchmark for anyone who wishes to surpass it. Over $91.8 million was raised.

Alpha is owned by the collective of Merge DAO whilst m(6615) #70 is ranked number 2 on the leaderboard and privately held by globally renowned collector Saint BayView.

“Alpha” is the most popular and sought-after class among other special classes. Under this, the system’s largest mass “alpha” is a dynamic class that will be awarded to the top collector. The top 100 are yellow-colored mass, The top 5 are red-colored mass, Random 50 will appear as a blue-colored mass , Alpha is black coloured mass. 

The Merge is the NFT collection in a way that it consists of mass units represented as NFTs. Each mass is an NFT and has a different value.

Only one mass token can be stored per wallet address. If you own a mass token and purchase another one, then both mass tokens will be merged into one with their masses added together, and the visual representation of the mass will also grow in size. There are no hosted images and all visuals are generated on the chain. 


Merge is a single NFT, whose pieces are scattered as mass. So when you merge masses you somehow gather these scattered pieces(mass). Understand it like this, the whole community is trying to put the puzzle together. The puzzle is Merge NFT and the pieces which need to be put together are mass tokens.


As per Pak, Merge is a single artwork distributed across many tokens, and not just a collection of artworks. Merge can theoretically become a 1/1 over time. A single collector can collect all of the other m tokens and combine them into a single NFT. The overall token count will be reduced to one, but the total mass will stay the same. However, he did state that this is not socially possible.In the merge process, the smaller mass gets destroyed and the bigger mass survives to become the addition of both bigger and smaller masses.

m(6615) #70

Alpha: 0 (966.4%)

Tier: 2 (8.1%)

Class: 70 (10.7%)

Merges: 142 (0.01%)

Mass: 6615 (0%)

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